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Research LJ

Academic research, ideas, & questions about lj blogs, or the Internet

Academic (or fun) research on livejournal, bloggin
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This community is for those interested in social sciences research of the Internet, blogging, or livejournal in particular. This might include lj icons as folk art, the role of LJ in adolescent identity development, lj as a resource for an ethnic/sexual/etc minority, the demographics of blog users, etc. Even if you are not actively doing research and just have a question or theory you want to share, this community is for you.

What can I post here?
If you are doing research, please share your research with us. This includes posting to recruit participants for your research.

If you find an interesting article somewhere related to the topic, post it here.

If you have done a thesis or dissertation related to the topic, please submit it to http://www.questia.com/Index.jsp and link to it from there.

If you ideas or theories or questions related to the topic, post here!